Boarding Schools in Pretoria | 10 Best & Affordable 2024


Boarding Schools in Pretoria | 10 Best & Affordable

Boarding Schools in Pretoria | 10 Best & Affordable: Boarding Schools in Pretoria South Africa are gaining ground all over, with state-of-art-facilities; your kids can get the best education you wish them to have.


Since all fingers are not equal, some parents may not be able to afford expensive schools for their children and loved ones, but there are some schools out there, that offer the same curriculum, with affordable fees and decent facilities you can wish for your kids

This post herein will give you the 10 best and most affordable Boarding Schools in Pretoria, this will save as a base or guide in your next enrolment of your children


Therefore, your search for the best and most affordable Boarding Schools in Pretoria has come to an end with this article you are reading, all you need to do is read the post to the end

Insight on Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria is galore in splendor when it comes to beauty, permit me to say, that no country in Africa can beat the architectural magnificence and finery, even cities like Cairo, Abuja, Casablanca, Mombasa, Lagos, etc cannot the beat beautiful city of Pretoria


Pretoria has one of the best educational facilities in Africa, including secondary schools; it is regarded as the pride in Africa when it comes to secondary education

Boarding Schools in Pretoria have similar characteristics to those in the West (Europe and the USA), they have top and decent facilities that are up-to-date, are located in serene environments, have the best teachers, who are constantly trained and retrained

Their architectural designs are top-notch; with spontaneous sports facilities, a library, art and cultural theatre, and supermodel laboratory for science practicals, no wonder South Africans have the best education in the continent

South African middle age students get decent education that prepares them for the future and make them better ambassadors of their country and the entire Africa

Many nations across the world, particularly, its Southern neighbors are sending their kids to Boarding Schools in Pretoria

Criteria for Evaluating 10 Best and Affordable Boarding Schools in Pretoria

Before delving into the 10 Best and Affordable Boarding Schools in Pretoria, it is important to apprehend the criteria used for evaluation.

Ladies and Gents, we Factor in some criteria including extracurricular activities, student support services, community involvement, overall reputation, academic performance, and facilities

Willow Ridge High School

Cornwall Hill College

The Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill

St. Albans College

Pro Arte Alphen Park

Pretoria Boys High School

St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls

Cornerstone College

Pretoria High School for Girls

Redford House the Hills

Willow Ridge High School (R32,000 Annually)

Willowridge in Boarding Schools in Pretoria came into light in 1987, it is a mixed school for both boys and girls and has a tuition fee of R32,000 Annually, a fee an average family can afford for kids

Willowridge prides itself in delivering quality education, with modernized and clean hostels. It has produced remarkable students into many South African Universities in drives

Its facilities include a large library for books, its extracurricular activities include sports, drama, debates, etc

The location is No. 518 Verkenner Avenue, The Willows, Pretoria. Operating Grading System is  8–12

Contact Address

Phone number: +27 12 807 3423 Email address: [email protected]


Cornwall Hill College (R83,950 to R99,150 yearly)

This is one of the Boarding Schools in Pretoria that came into light in 2008, the school is for both boys and girls and has an option for day students

It tuition fee ranges from R83,950 to R99,150, (boarding fees are R70,900 yearly) However, a monthly boarding fee of R7,090 is allowed.

Males and females are separated into Hill and Tintagel accommodation, making it decent for a school that instills morality in its core value

This boarding school prides itself in quality education, modernized facilities, and professional staff.

Her extracurricular activities include dance, sports, public speaking, music, and among others

Located at Nellmapius Dr, Irene, Centurion 0062, Pretoria and operates a Grade: 8–12

Contact Address

Phone number: +27 12 667 1360 Email address: N/A Website:

Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill (R65,340 to R74,640, R65,340 to R98,340)

It came into light in 1972 and operates a coeducational institution, its tuition fee is affordable and the middle class, and it ranges from R65,340 to R74,640, R65,340 to R98,340 annually day and boarding respectively

With a mission to groom creative, disciplined, and productive individuals in society, It is currently producing smart and intelligent students of our time

It has a grading system of 1–9 and is located at  Plot 147 & 148, Mooiplaats, Pretoria East

Contact Address

Phone number: +27 12 802 1175 Email address: [email protected]


 St. Albans College (R287,850)

St. Albans became visible in 1963, its main mission is to train young men who will be academically sound, creative, and responsible.

This school is mainly for boys and offers a day option for students who want to come to school from home.

Its top-notch infrastructure includes a large library, spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and computer rooms among others

Its school fee is R287,850, including some charges for day and boarding students, visit or contact the school in the contact below

Its extracurricular activities are, science innovations sports, debates, etc

Grade: 8–12, Location: 110 Clearwater Road, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria

 Contact Address

Phone number: +27 12 348 1221 Email address: secretary@stalbanscollege


Pro Arte Alphen Park (R32,120/R61,732 to R45,275)

Pro Arte Alphen Park was born in 1994, and is located in Alphen Park, Pretoria. Its school fees begin at R32,120 annually for day students, while the boarding fees range from R61,732 to R45,275

Students get quality education, quality boarding facilities, safe and conducive environment for studies

Its extracurricular activities include sports, dance, music, drama, etc, its mission is to train responsible individuals who will be well-disciplined and productive.

Contact Address

Phone number: +27 12 460 6221 Email address: [email protected]


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Pretoria Boys High School (R137,250 to R138,350)

Pretoria Boys High School has a glamor the eyes can behold, and it one best Boarding Schools in Pretoria

Established in 1901, one of the oldest, largest, and most noble institutions of its time. With over 1,500 students, the school has over 300 students in each hostel for students

This school usually charges R137,250 to R138,350 annually for school and boarding fees. However, you can pay R13,500 for the school and boarding fees monthly.

With a vision and mission of raising respectful and disciplined young men who will become productive individuals in society, Pretoria Boys High School is located at Roper Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria, with a grading system: of 8–12

This school is affordable for the middle class and the poor South African families, its tuition fee for school and boarding fees range from R137,250 to R138,350 per year.

Mainly for Boys, the Pretoria Boys High School is a quintessence of knowledge, it has a large library for books on diverse subjects that help its students sharpen their academic skills.

Its extracurricular activities such as sports, music, drama, and others can not be over-emphasized, which helps its students sharpen their academic skills.

Contact Address

Phone number: +27 12 460 2246. Email address: [email protected] Website:

St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls (R109,200 to R120,40)

St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls has a grading system of 5–12, it is located at Duxbury Road, Hillcrest, Pretoria

This school came into existence in 1871 and serves as one of the most affordable boarding schools in Pretoria. Its tuition fee range from R109,200 to R120,40, and most middle-class South Africans can afford to meet up with this fee for their kids

This is a church-owned institution for the girl child, with a mission to groom independent and responsible young women who will make firm and productive decisions that will yield positive results.

It provides boarding facilities to over 200 students and offers temporary accommodation to day students whose parents are not in the country.

It also has a big library that has many books in various niches to help students academically.

Contact Address

Phone number: +27 12 366 0500, Email address: [email protected] and Website:

Cornerstone College (R28, 200 to R34, 080)

Cornerstone came into light in 1991, and prides itself in professionalism and expertise, its facilities are top-notch and modernized to suit all students

It is a mixed school that has produced productive individuals in society, and tuition fees range from R28,200 to R34, 080.

It extracurricular activities such as hockey, debates, drama, music, netball, cricket, tennis, rugby, and others have impacted students positively

With a mission to raise and groom students who will excel academically and contribute positively to the world

Located at 530 Moreleta Street, Silverton, Pretoria, operates a grading system of 8–12

Contact Address

Phone number: +27 12 804 8350. Email address: [email protected] Website:

Pretoria High School for Girls (R43, 500 to R48, 650)

Pretoria High School for Girls is among the Boarding Schools in Pretoria that is affordable

It came into existence in 1902, sited at No. 949 Park Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, it has a grading pattern of 8–12

It is one of the oldest and most affordable boarding schools in Pretoria. it provides options for day students. The school is mainly for females

With a mission to train young women who will be disciplined and productive individuals in society, It is still producing notable females in South Africa

Its extracurricular activities sports, community service, dance, and music, among others

Contact Address

Phone number: +27 12 430 7341 Email address: [email protected] Website:

Redford House the Hills (R89,770 to R103,580)

Boarding Schools in Pretoria | 10 Best & Affordable


Redford House the Hills is a mixed boarding school born in 2015. It tuition fee starts from R89,770 to R103,580 each year, more so, the boarding fees per term and week for boarders are R85,380 and R79,409 year on year.

With a mission of nurturing and producing young individuals who are academically sound, innovative, and disciplined. The school is living up to expectations in raising smart kids to solve problems of our time

Its extracurricular activities such as debates, drama, chess, swimming, tennis, hockey, soccer, rugby, choir, and running have helped students sharpen their academic skills.

The location is Garsfontein Road, Pretoria East. Grading is 8–12

Contact Address

Phone number: +27 10 060 0757 Email address: [email protected]



Boarding Schools in Pretoria | 10 Best & Affordable

We believe that this post has informed you of some best and affordable boarding schools in Pretoria South Africa.

The above-mentioned school tuition fees may fluctuate from time to time, that is the reason the contact address is given to know the latest fee and other relevant information


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