GOtv WOW Overview | All You Need To Know

What is GOtv WOW?

GOtv WOW is our way of thanking you for showing us so much love by staying switched on! So what does this mean for you? It means that you can look forward to extra treats and surprises like extra sport content and monthly airtime rewards!


How GOtv WOW Works

Just remember to stay connected to GOtv Value, GOtv Plus or GOtv Max and you’ll be eligible to start receiving your GOtv WOW monthly airtime rewards! If you subscribe to GOtv Plus, you’ll also get a week of complimentary sport from the GOtv Max package, including all La Liga games.

If you’ve been switched on non-stop for 3 months, you’ll get an SMS to let you know that you qualify for airtime rewards, and from that moment onwards you will get airtime rewards every month for as long as you stay connected. Ensure to update your details and mobile number with us so that we have the correct details for you to start getting your rewards. You can update your details and mobile number by logging in on the Eazy platform at or visiting your nearest agent.

Rewards will be allocated within 5 working days after payment. So make sure that you pay on time every month to keep watching the extra sport and not lose eligibility for the monthly airtime rewards. If you miss even one payment, you’ll have to wait 3 months after you’ve paid to start receiving monthly airtime rewards again.


GOtv Plus customers will have to reconnect and pay their account before the end of their next billing cycle to receive the one week of sport from the GOtv Max package. Now wouldn’t that be a shame?

What You Will Get

When you have achieved 3 months of continuous tenure, active GOtv Value, GOtv Plus and GOtv Max subscribers will get a monthly airtime reward sent directly to your mobile phone, just because we love you. Take a look at the 3rd question in the FAQ section below to see which mobile operators are part of GOtv WOW and how much airtime you can get.


And if you are on GOtv Plus, paying before disconnection means you’ll get all the sports channels from our GOtv Max package for a week. Yes, that includes all La Liga games!

How to Start Getting Your Monthly Airtime Reward

Simply ensure that you’ve supplied us with your current and correct mobile number, and once you’ve been connected non-stop for 3 months, you’ll get an SMS to let you know that you qualify for airtime rewards.

If you need to update your details, you can do this on the Eazy platform at or visit your nearest agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get GOtv WOW rewards and who can’t?

How do I start getting my extra content and mobile airtime reward, and how long will I have access to these rewards?

How will the airtime be rewarded to customers?

Will I get more rewards in future or will the rewards change from time to time?


Please ensure your decoder is powered on when clearing error codes.

You can easily clear error codeslocate an installer near you, find answers to frequently asked questions, learn more about your decoder, what packages are on offer and so much more.


The easy way to manage your GOtv subscription online. Avoid the long queues and get Eazy self-service at your fingertips.



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