Mekelle University Part-time Students Admission Procedures


Mekelle University Part-time Students Admission Procedures | The Mekelle University Admission Procedures for Par time students programs.


Mekelle University Graduate Admission Procedures

Are you a graduate aspiring for admission in the Mekelle University? Here below are the Mekelle University part-time Admission Guidelines published by Eduloaded Zambia form the school official website.

  1. Par time students are permanent employees serving the university for more than two years and who can enter into a contract with the University for giving obligatory service to the university (two years for every academic year) and would like to enroll on par time basis. Such staff members may be allowed to attend classes with the regular undergraduate students. Admission as part time student is not a right but a privilege. Admission to the regular programs is granted by the respective college council based on performance of the applicant at the academic unit/office he/she is serving. These students must:
  2. Meet the admission requirements set by the University and the respective academic units.
  3. Obtain the approval of the academic unit or office they are affiliated to, prior to applying for admission to an academic program.
  4. Admission to the regular program for part time students shall be given if the program they are applying to is not available in non regular programs.
  5. The number of par time students for a given program should not exceed 10% of the minimum intake capacity of the program in a given academic calendar
  6. Sign a contract with university following the written permission from its office or academic unit


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