MUST Students Development And Guidance & Counseling Section

Mbeya University of Science and Technology MUST Students Development And Guidance & Counseling Section.

MUST Students Development And Guidance & Counseling Section


This section is committed to perform all activities related to students wellbeing in areas including mental and physical health, academic, social, and psychological development. The main objective of the section is to help students identify and accomplish their academic career goals, enhance personal development, decision making and meets lifes satisfaction.:

The section also performs the following activities:

  • Conduct individual and group guidance & counselling sessions to students encountered various challenges
  • Conduct career guidance and counselling to students basing on their abilities, interests and personality types (traits) to enhance career development and life satisfaction.
  • Organises and conducts awareness seminars to students such as life skills seminars and effects of substance abuse
  • Identifies students with special needs and suggest appropriate support and rehabilitation according to nature of the needs

Sections under the Unit of Students Development and Guidance & Counseling .


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