Open University of Tanzania Undergraduate Fees Structure


OUT Undergraduate Fees Structure – Open University of Tanzania Undergraduate Fees Structure | The Open University of Tanzania, OUT School fees schedule contain the total amount payable by both Tanzanians and Foreign students for all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

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The following policies and procedures are applicable to all students who officially register for programmes at the Open University of Tanzania (OUT). The University reserves the right to change fees without prior notice to the student. However, fee changes are subject to approval by the Governing Council.


Here is the Regular Students fees structure of the Open University of Tanzania.

Open University of Tanzania Undergraduate Fees Schedule

The Open University of Tanzania Undergraduate fees schedule has been successfully uploaded online, the schedule is available as follows:


 1. The Application, Tuition and Other Fees

1.1  The OUT has the right to change tuition fees in line with the average annual inflation rate announced by the Bank of Tanzania. Any change of annual fees will be announced by the Council of the Open University of Tanzania (OUT), before the commencement of the academic year.

1.2  At the beginning of every academic year, all students of the OUT will be required to meet their financial obligations, before they can be registered.

1.3  In addition to tuition and examination fees, students may be required to buy essential reference books and stationeries, pay for residential face to face sessions, and related costs for attending practical sessions, projects and field trips.

1.4  A non-refundable application fee of USD 30 must be paid by all applicants from outside Tanzania, irrespective of their nationality.

2. Fees Structure For Undergraduate Studies 2013/14 Academic Year

2.1  Students are allowed to pay 50% of the fees due by the end of the registration period (End of November, 2013).   A penalty of 20 USD will be levied to those who fail to pay by the deadline, as approved by Council.  (This includes those who register after 30th November, 2013 but pay their fees before the Deadline for Examination registration on December 31st, 2013).

2.2  The final instalment of fees for any academic year, must be paid by February 28th, 2014.Students paying fees after that date will also have to pay the penalty for late payment, of USD 20.

2.3  All New students will pay all their fees according to the new rates approved by Council.  The students must note the following:

2.4  All international students from the SADC and east African Community countries, are eligible to pay the same fees as local Tanzanian students.

2.5  Where adequate arrangements with the local institutions have been made, students are allowed to pay in the local currency.

2.6  Below are additional guidelines for continuing students who wish to pay fees in annual instalments:
i. The various fees for third year students during the 2013/14 academic year are shown in the Table 3 under this section.
ii. What is shown is the annual and total programme fee.
iii. Students or the sponsor may negotiate to pay this amount by instalments annually.

2.7  Distance learning students doing undergraduate courses must present proof of having paid at least the amount due for the level they are to attempt examinations as explained in 2.1 (c) above. Each level represents one third of the fees. Those earmarking to finish in six years can pay one sixth of the fees each year as the minimum. The total fees for completion of studies and graduation is the amount shown for the programme, irrespective of the duration of study.

2.8  All students must pay an examination fee as stipulated, to be eligible for main examinations.

2.9  Students or their sponsors are allowed to pay the whole amount of programme tuition fees at the beginning of studies. In case of any subsequent rise in fees from the time of the initial payment and completion of the programmes, the student will be required to settle the calculated difference, in order to be allowed graduation.

2.10  Payments of fees by Cheque or by Telegraphic Money Orders is not acceptable.

2.11  Students who deposit their fees through the banks must present their deposit slips to the Country Coordinator, who will issue them with a receipt. We discourage submission of deposit slips to the Finance office at the HQ. This receipt must be kept in a safe and secure place for future reference.

2.12  Apart from Tuition fees, students and sponsors must also meet personal costs for books stationery, practical and field visits, field research work, teaching practice, and attendance of tests and examinations.

2.13  Students who decide to change their programme of study after a period of two weeks from the date of the orientation will be required to pay a penalty of USD 30  before the change can be implemented.

2.14  Students who lose their identity cards may be given another one after paying a processing cost USD 10

2.15  The University Council, has power to revise the various fees charged for all OUT activities.  Prior notification will be given to students, before commencement of the academic year.

Student Union Fees
All students must pay the stipulated student organization fees to the Open University Student Organization (OUTSO) account, with details in the Fees Table.

OUTSO NBC, Kinondoni Branch 081101000085

SADC and EAC Students
According to the SADC and EAC Protocols, students from member countries are to pay the equivalent of local fees. Additional costs for logistic support, such as transportation of study materials, invigilation and freight of examinations, hire of examination halls, etc., have been consolidated into their fees as shown in the Fees Table 1 and Table 3.


S/N Item Cost per Unit (USD) for EAC and SADC students Cost per Unit (USD) for NON- EAC and SADC students
1 Theoretical course by distance mode 40 80
2 Theoretical Course by Face to face 60 120
3 Field Practice 70 140
4 Teaching practice 70 140
5 Science Laboratory 70 140
6 Project/dissertation 70 140
7 Examination fees 20 40


COUNTRY (Account Name) Bank Account number
Kenya (Egerton University) Kenya Commercial Bank 1101847530
Namibia (Triumphant College) First National Bank, Windhoek 62100230789
Rwanda (The Open University of Tanzania) KCB Bank, Kigali Branch
Swift code: KCBLRWRW
Other Countries (The Open University of Tanzania) NBC Limited,  Corporate Branch


1 Application fees 30 30
2 Examination fees paid annually 240 460
3 Student Organization fees 10 10
4 Student Identity card 10 10
Tuition Fees
5 B.Ed – Special Education 2,400 6,000
6 B.Sc. in ICT 3,600 6,000
7 Other Undergraduate programmes 2,400 4,800
8 Certificate Courses 400 1,200
9 Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) 1,200 2,400
10 Other Diploma programmes 1,200 2,400

Students should make sure that they obtain receipts for all payments made from our Regional  or Coordination Centre Offices.

Graduation Condition
Every candidate who successfully completes the course, having met all academic conditions, shall only be allowed to graduate if all fees due to the university have been paid.  The university further reserves the right to withdraw its certificate from any candidate who is deemed to have failed to meet this condition, at any time.


A part from total Fees paid to the University, students or their sponsors have to incur the following additional expenses (indicative only):

Purchase of books & Stationery US $ 250
Science and Geography Practicals US $ 260
Research paper US $ 750
Teaching Practice US $ 150
Attending Tests & Examinations US $ 450
Total US $ 1860

NOTE: The OUT has the right to change tuition fees in line with the average annual inflation rate announced by the Bank of Tanzania. Any change of annual fees will be announced by the Council of the Institution, before the commencement of the academic year.


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