Part Time Jobs In USA For International Students: On Campus, Off Campus And Regulations 2024

If you plan to study in the USA, one of the first things you need to know about is how to cover your expenses. Though you will have scholarships to support you, you still need to find a source of income. It is better to do part-time jobs as plenty of opportunities are available, and you will get enough money to meet your expenses. Not only do you get money, but you also gain experience. You can work up to 20 hours a week during your semester and up to 40 hours during your breaks. It is not difficult to find jobs, and most of them will be designed in such a way that they suit you and your visa policies. You can read the blog further if you wish to know more about the same.

Part-Time Jobs for International Students in the USA

The USA offers a multitude of options for international students to earn money. And these options primarily encompass an entire spectrum of Part-Time jobs. Have a look at the following table and decide for yourself.

JOB  Pay  (average wage per hour)- USA
Library monitor 13.24 USD
Teaching Assistant 11.95 USD
Tour guide 25.54 USD
Peer tutor 21.32 USD
Academic department assistant 22 USD
Production assistant (universities) 24 USD
Campus tech support 28 USD
University bookstore assistant 18.2 USD
Cafe (Barista) 11.59 USD
Babysitter 21.49 USD
Sales job 26.44 USD
Research Assistant 19.68 USD

Now, one of the inherent differences between INDIA and the USA is that, back in our country, there are certain jobs that we may consider inferior and will not even think about doing them. Whereas, in America, it is not like that at all. There, every job is considered important, and hence, treated with equal respect and not looked down upon.

This mentality encourages students who are studying in the States to work even the oddest of jobs without any ‘shilly-shallying’ or hesitation. To help you decide on your desired job, we at Leverage Edu have curated and shortlisted some of the highest-paying ‘Part-time jobs in the USA so that you don’t have to look further.

Visa Requirements for Part-time Jobs in USA

Before you get elated looking at the multitude of job opportunities in the States, there is one thing that you need to be very clear about. That is, if you are an international student, you will need to have a non-immigrant student visa, also known as the F-1 visa in order to work in the United States. There are certain guidelines issued by the body known as USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service), that one needs to adhere to work in the states.

I know it may seem like a bummer at first, but trust me, once you are eligible enough to work in the States, your patience and hard work will surely be rewarded accordingly. With that being said, let us move on to the list of different jobs that one can partake in in the USA to sustain themselves.

Types of Part-Time Jobs for International Students in the USA

Coming to part-time jobs in the USA, there are two types- on-campus and off-campus jobs. Let’s have a look at both types.

On-Campus Jobs

One significant advantage for international students working ‘on-campus’ jobs in the United States is that such jobs do not require approval from the USCIS and are even free from their regulations and guidelines.

Depending on how well their F-1 status is maintained, students can work on-campus in the United States. However, this may not be true for every institution in the USA. Certain institutions in the states do not allow  even F-1 students to work part-time jobs on campus unless they are approved by the ‘International Student Office.’

Such job opportunities do have their limitations. For instance:

  1. Such jobs are typically underpaid. One cannot rely on them to relieve their financial burden.
  2. These are usually unrelated to academics.

Do’s and Don’ts for Working On-Campus Jobs in the USA

  • It is a must to work within the institution’s boundaries.
  • Also, you must work for the concerned institution only.
  • Moreover, you get to work for on-campus firms (that predominantly provide services to students), such as bookstores or cafes.
  • Note that you cannot work with firms that do not provide direct student services.
  • One must work with firms having prior academic affiliation with the concerned institution and the job must be related to academics in one way or the other
  • You will have to seek permission from the International Student Office prior to applying for any part-time job in the USA.

Criteria for Working On-Campus Jobs in the USA

So, what will you need to do on-campus part-time jobs in the USA, you may ask? There are certain criteria that must be met when it comes to on-campus jobs in the USA.

  • One must maintain a valid F-1 status (non-immigrant student visa).
  • One can only work up to 20 hours per week.
  • One can work full-time on campus during holidays and vacations.
  • One must not take a job away from a U.S. citizen.

On-Campus Job Options

On campus- (list of jobs) —Average salary per hour (USD) 
Teaching assistant  —–   11.95 USD
Research assistant ——-19.68 USD
Library assistant ———13.24 USD
Peer tutor——–21.32 USD
Department Assistant ———17.72 USD
Catering assistant and food runner—-16.17 USD
Campus Ambassador ——- 15.6 USD
Campus tech support ———28 USD

Off-Campus jobs

Such jobs encompass all the activities that do not have a direct correlation with an institution/university. The term ‘Off-campus’ jobs in the USA is an umbrella term that encapsulates a broad array of jobs. These can be segregated into different categories, such as:

  1. Optional Practical Training (OPT)-
  • Students with F-1 status can work OPT jobs both during and after completing their degree.
  • In order to partake in OPT jobs, students are required to procure the ‘Employment Authorization Document (EAD) from USCIS.
  • One can work in the OPT jobs once they’ve been enrolled in an institution for at least 9 months.
  • Such jobs include: Paid internships
  1. Curricular Practical Training (CPT)-

Say that you are an international student in the USA looking for jobs that involve certain practical training. If that’s the case, then CPT jobs are ideal for you. That being said, in order to apply for such jobs, one must:

  • Work experience in the concerned field.
  • Be authorized by the concerned institution’s ‘International Student Office’
  • Be notified by the USCIS ( U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service)

Criteria to Work Off-Campus Jobs in the USA

In order to partake in off-campus jobs in the USA, you’ll need to:-

  1. Make sure that your F-1 status is valid and maintained.
  2. Procure with the requisite work authorization (OPT/CPT) 
  3. Make sure that you apply for jobs that are either related to your field of study or are integrated into your curriculum.
  4. Provide evidence regarding your severe economic hardships.
  5. Provide legitimate reasons for working off-campus jobs.
  6. Apply for an “employment authorization document” (EAD). This can be done with the help of the  ‘International Student Office’.

Severe Economic Hardship

If you are someone facing economic hardship in the States, then you are allowed to work off-campus for up to 20 hours per week (during sessions). One can even work full-time during their breaks. To be eligible under “severe economic hardship”, a student must:

  • Maintain his/her F-1 status for at least one academic year.
  • Have credible academic scores.
  • Provide credible information about his/her monetary hardship.
  • Come up with information indicating the dearth of payment received from on-campus jobs.

Now, if you are someone who is not able to sustain yourself in the USA due to some unforeseen circumstance, even in such a case, you can apply for these jobs. These circumstances may include:

  • Fluctuating value of currency/exchange rate.
  • Substantial increment in the tuition/living costs.
  • Students’ source of support is/are not able to procure the required amount of money for their sustenance.
  • Medical emergency

List of Online Jobs Available in the USA for International Students

  • Graphic Designer
  • Online Tutor
  • Content Writer
  • Coder
  • Translator
  • Blogger
  • Data Entry Agent
  • Web Developer
  • Social Media Management

Now, Consider this scenario: You are an international student with prior job offers and scholarships, and that too from some of the listed organisations (that are on the Official State Department list) in the states. In such a case, what you can do is simply apply to work for such international organisations that are renowned throughout the globe.

Organisations Offering Off Campus Part-time Jobs in USA

  • Red Cross
  • African and Asian Development Banks
  • The World Health Organisation
  • The World Trade Organisation

Criteria For Working Under International Organizations in the USA

  • Must have some prior work experience (internship) in the States with any of the ‘recognized international organisations’.
  • The work must be related to the student’s field of study.
  • The work must come under the organisation’s sponsorship.
  • Students must have credible academic scores.
  • The student must have a well-maintained and valid F-1 status.
  • The work must come under the sponsorship of the concerned organisation.

Advantage(s) of Working Under Recognised International Organisations in the USA

Compared to your CPT and OPT jobs in the States, working under some of the recognised international organisations can prove beneficial for some students. Such as

  • You do not need such employment for your degree program.
  • The amount and tenure of your work will not affect your 12-month post-completion OPT.

The Average Salary of Part-time Jobs in the USA 

Okay, so international students with a maintained F-1 visa status may work up to 20 hours a week. The average salary that one can expect as an international student in the USA is a minimum wage of 7.25 USD per hour (600 INR). Obviously, the salary is not fixed and can even go up to 15 USD per hour.

JOB Average Wage Per Hour (USD) 
Campus Ambassador 15.6 USD
Barista 11.59 USD
Teaching Assistant 11.95 USD
Library assistant 13.24 USD
Receptionist 15.43 USD
Research study assistant 19.68 USD
Department Assistant 17.72 USD
Food runner/catering assistant 16.17 USD
Sales assistant 18.00 USD
Tutor/Peer mentor 21.32 USD

As an international student, it can be tough for you to find decent-paying part-time jobs. But, don’t let that dishearten you because we at ‘Leverage Edu’ have come up with our own curated list of resources from where you can find your dream part-time job.

  • Career Services Office
  • Student Unions
  • University Departments
  • Networking
  • Online Platforms

Part Time Jobs in USA: Government Regulations

International students with an F1 visa status can pursue on campus jobs in USA from the first year of study. Students might not be able to pursue off campus jobs in the USA for the first year due to certain restrictions and conditions from the government. F-1 students can start working across the following 3 types of off-campus employment:

  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT)
  • STEM Optional Practical Training Extension (STEM OPT)

F-1 students can also work off-campus on a case-by-case basis. This includes special situations like financial crises, natural catastrophes, etc.

How To Find Part Time Jobs In USA?

It is pretty clear that you will find innumerable part-time job opportunities in the USA. You will not find it difficult to get a job as there are multiple ways to find the perfect job that suits you.

A few ways to find part-time jobs in the USA are given below: 

  • You can reach out to the existing students of the university through Facebook or other similar platforms and learn about the job opportunities available.
  • You can make an appointment at your university’s career services office and learn about all the job opportunities.
  • You can browse through the employment portal that most university websites have.
  • There are other platforms that you can use like LinkedIn, CoolWorks, CollegeGrad, Snagajob, Upwork, FlexJobs, Craigslist etc.


Q1: What are the best part-time jobs for students in the USA? 

Ans. One can find a plethora of different job options in the States. Students can work as:
Teaching assistants, Library assistants, Receptionists etc. Partaking in part-time jobs in the States can be a great learning curve for international students, thanks to the exposure one can get while working such odd jobs.

Q2: How much can an international student earn while working part-time in the United States? 

Ans. One can expect a generous payout while working entry-level jobs in the USA. The average payout for entry-level part-time jobs usually ranges between  USD 7 to USD 9 per hour. As for the high-skilled jobs, one can expect around  USD 10 or more per hour.

Q3: What is the weekly allowance for an international student to work in the USA? 

Ans. The US student visa allows students to work on-campus jobs for not more than 20 hours per week (school is in session). However, students can work full-time shifts during school break periods (up to 40 hours per week).


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