Permit Renewal for Continuing Students, How to Renew you Study Permit

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Permit Renewal for Continuing Students, How to Renew you Study Permit… featured in this post is about Africa University study permit renewal.

Continuing students are urged to renew their study permits at least 1 (one) month before the expiration date of their study permits. Please bring with you to the ISA:

  1. 2 Photocopies of your Grade Report from the previous semester
  2. 2 Photocopies of your expiring Permit with the original
  3. 2 Photocopies of your Passport with the original
  4. 2 Photocopies of your student ID card
  5. USD 200 Statutory Permit Application Fee

Always be sure to read the documents you get back from immigration and the ISA, especially your Provisional Restriction Notice. This is a document you are given in lieu of your study permit after applying which is evidence of your pending permit application. This document is valid for 30 days and you must report to the ISA at least five days before the expiration date to get an extension.

Failure to adhere to the expiration dates can be disastrous and result in a USD 100 fine or imprisonment followed by possible deportation. One you have received your study permit that is valid for a year, you must prepare to renew it at least 1 month before its expiration date. Should you fail renew your study permit before it expires you may be arrested and then deported. Please take keeping your immigration status in good standing seriously and always be responsible.

IMPORTANT: No student is permitted to register at Africa University or write examinations under any circumstances without being in the possession of a valid study permit or provisional restriction notice.

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