St Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) Admission Information

St Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) Admission Information.

St Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) Admission Information

Applicants may obtain application forms from Admissions Office at Mwanza Main Campus and to All Centres (SAUT Branches) or download the Application form

  1. Applicants for undergraduate programmes are strongly advised to consult first the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) Students Guidebook for the Central Admission System before applying directly to St. Augustine University of Tanzania.
  2. Applications are invited from November to May of the year for which admission is sought.
  3. Candidates wishing to join the review courses for NBAA/NBMM Examinations must submit their applications at least three months before the courses begin in September and or/ January.
  4. Duly filled- in application forms should be submitted to the Admissions Office
    With the following supporting documents to reach the University as early as possible:

    • Two passport-size photographs
    • Names of two referees, who have known the applicant and are able to evaluate the applicant‟s ability for the programme being sought
    • Copies of all educational certificates and relevant testimonials
    • A medical certification from a recognized hospital
    • An endorsement or a letter from the sponsor or employer or guardian confirming his or her readiness to sponsor the applicant
    • A text of 500-700 words written by the applicant to tell about her or his life experience, goals, and reasons for seeking the program of studies he or she wants to take
    • A non-refundable application fee of Tsh. 20,000 (For Tanzanian) or US$25 (For Foreigner) should accompany the application and should be paid to St. Augustine University Account number 015101001461 NBC LTD Mwanza Branch or Postal Money Order (No Cheques are accepted)
  5. Candidates for admission to SAUT are expected, if notified, to sit for the University’s Aptitude Test (Mature Entry Examination). A fee as determined by the council shall be charged for each candidate.
  6. When the admission dossier is complete and final results of the Aptitude Tests are obtained, The University will proceed to its evaluation. If this proves satisfactory, the University will notify the applicant of his or her acceptance and will send appropriate joining instructions, either directly or through the applicants sponsor or guardian.
  7. A candidate is required to confirm his or her acceptance to the Admissions Officer within the period prescribed in the joining instructions by sending or bringing a non-refundable selection fee of Tsh. 10, 000 in case of Tanzanians or US$ 25 in the case of foreign students. If a candidate fails to do so, the University will offer the admission to candidates on the reserve list without further notice.
  8. All new students must arrive one week before the start of classes for the New Students Orientation.
  9. Students from countries other than Tanzania are expected to conform to all immigration formalities in their countries before they depart for Tanzania. They must also obtain a Residence Permit from the nearest Tanzania Embassy or High Commission upon their arrival. This should be done at the earliest possible date. It is advisable when travelling to Tanzania that one keeps readily available his or her documents as well as evidence from SAUT to confirm that he or she has been offered admission. One should also have details of financial support, in case these documents are required at the port of entry by the immigration authorities.
  10. Minimum Entry Requirements for Admission into Higher Education Institutions;

    The minimum entry requirements set by TCU and NACTE to join HEIs are as follows:
    a)  For Form Six applicants who completed their A Level studies before 2014 the minimum entry qualification is two principal passes (Two E’s) with a total of 2.0 points;
    b)  For Form Six applicants who completed their A Level studies from 2014 onwards, their minimum entry qualification is two principal passes (Two D’s) with a total of 2.0 points;
    c)   The comparison between the OLD and NEW grading system is indicated in the table below;

    Comparison between old and new grading systems

    New Grading System
    (2014 Onward)
    Weight Old Grading System (1988-2013) Weight
    A 5 A 5
    B+ 4 B 4
    B 3 C 3
    C 2 D 2
    D 1 E 1
    E 0.5 S 0.5
    F 0 F 0

    NB: This comparison is for the purpose of admission ONLY.

    d)  For the applicants with RPL qualification the minimum qualification is ‘B’ grade obtained from RPL examination;
    e)  For the Diploma applicants the minimum entry qualification is at least Four O level passes (D’s and above) or NVA level III with less than four O level passes or equivalent foreign qualifications as established by either NECTA or VETA;

  11. All undergraduate programmes applications should be addressed to:
    The Admission Officer
    St. Augustine University of Tanzania
    P .O. Box 307
    Mwanza, Tanzania
    Tel: 255-028-2552725, 2550900
    Fax: 255-028-2550167
    Email: [email protected]
  12. Applications for Postgraduate Programmes should be addressed to:
    Director of Postgraduate Studies
    St. Augustine University of Tanzania
    P .O. Box 307
    Mwanza, Tanzania
    Tel: +255-028-2552725
    Email: [email protected]


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