Top MBA Scholarship in Canada Government You Can Apply for 2024

Top MBA scholarship in Canada government you can apply for Find various scholarships at various universities in Canada that accept international students.

Canada is a popular study destination for international students looking to study undergraduate and graduate programs.

Home to many prestigious universities in various fields of study, students choose Canada for its good mix of affordable tuition fees, quality education, and post-graduation work opportunities that can eventually lead to immigration.

Top MBA scholarship in Canada government you can Apply for

To study MBA in Canada, the average tuition fees range between   $30,000 and $40,000 per year, which is considered more affordable than in other study abroad countries. Typically, earning an MBA takes about two years.

Many universities in Canada offer various scholarships for international students. The Government of Canada also offers scholarship opportunities, one of which includes the Vanier CGS scholarship for Postgraduate MBA study programmes. The various scholarships offered in Canada can cover tuition fees as well as living expenses.

In this article, we’ll look at: a list of top MBA scholarships in Canada government that you can apply for your MBA studies.

Cape Breton University MBA Scholarships and Scholarships

On our final list of top MBA scholarships in Canada are the Cape Breton University MBA scholarships and fellowships which include a wide variety of scholarships, awards, grants, and fellowships for international and domestic MBA studies.

Entrance scholarships are available to students who submit official transcripts and requests for financial need in addition to their applications for admission.

There are seven different scholarships under the category of major entrance scholarships and they have a high value that can cover your MBA tuition for one year.

Then there are more than 10 scholarships under the Other Entrance Scholarships category. Each of these scholarships comes with different criteria and application deadline.

Official scholarship website:

Alberta Business School MBA Scholarships

The Alberta MBA offers world-class instruction, smaller class sizes, and plenty of opportunities for professional advancement, with tuition well below other leading Canadian business schools.

Alberta’s MBA program strives to provide financial support to academically strong students and those in need. Last year, over $1 million was available to MBA students in the form of admissions awards, scholarships, and fellowships. Each year, the majority of full-time students admitted to the MBA program receive some form of financial aid.

Unlike admissions awards, scholarships are typically awarded to students during the MBA program. The exact criteria for each scholarship varies, but scholarships are typically designed to recognize excellence both academically and outside of the classroom.

For all scholarships that require an application, we will solicit applications directly from students.

Official scholarship website:

Saint Mary’s University (SMU) MBA Scholarships, Awards and Fellowships

Saint Mary’s University is on my third list of top MBA scholarships in Canada because of its wide range of funding opportunities such as scholarships, awards, and bursaries. There are so many choices from which international and domestic students can apply for their MBA studies. There are the Entrance Scholarships for Domestic Students which are worth up to $30,000.

There are also others like Robert Shaw MBA scholarship for part-time students worth $1,100,900, SMU MBA scholarship for full-time students worth $400, and Ronald scholarship C. MacDonald MBA for students with academic excellence and a value of $XNUMX.

There are also two scholarships which are the Kenneth WJ Butler MBA Scholarship worth $2,000 available to a first or second year MBA student with financial need and the Ronald Wong Scholarship worth $3.5 to a full-time MBA student with an average GPA or XNUMX or higher. in their previous degree. There are also other scholarships and awards to apply for, see their deadline via the link below.

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The University of Toronto MBA Scholarships

The University of Toronto remains the top ranked MBA school in Canada. It was ranked 43rd globally for offering a range of MBA specializations with an impressively high ROI. This incredible management school can open the doors to leadership positions at leading companies like IBM, Google and Mckinsey and Co.  So if you are planning to do your MBA in Canada, then here is your guide to the University of Toronto MBA

  • Rotman offers MBA scholarships in Canada for International students. This is one of the scholarships offering fully funded MBA in Canada.
  • The Joseph L. Rotman Scholarship, Rotman Family Healthcare Scholarship, Entrance Awards, BDI (Business Design Initiative) Scholarship and 30% Club Full-Time MBA Scholarship are some of the most popular MBA programs

Official scholarship website:

University of Canada West (UCW) Awards and Scholarships

Canada West University offers two scholarship programs for international students: the  International Student Leaders Award  which is awarded based on leadership and community involvement and the  Academic Excellence Scholarships  which are awarded based on academic merit.

There are Entrance Scholarships open to all students coming to study at UCW for the first time and there are others specifically for MBA students like the European Scholarship, Americas Scholarship, UAP Scholarship, the MBA Foundation Scholarship, and many more.

Visit the UCW Awards and Scholarships page (link below) for more details and to download the application form. Once you have completed the form, you must email it, along with your cover letter (if applicable), resume, and official transcripts to ucwapplications[at] There is no deadline for submitting scholarship applications; students can apply at any time.

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