UFS Students Bursaries Application 2025/2026

UFS Bursaries 2025/2026 | Full Details of the UFS students bursaries, funding, bursary application forms, bursary requirements, tuition fees, and loan applications for the 2025 academic year.

UFS Bursaries

UFS Bursaries 2025

The University of Free State (UFS) currently offers financial aid to students who are financially needy and who show academic potential. Interested undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, certificate, doctorate, bachelor, distance learning, masters, International, MBA, PhD programmes Students are required to apply annually for financial aid and grants for the 2025 academic year.

Funding for such financial aid is made through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), and hence the size of any award is determined according to the NSFAS means test.

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UFS Application Portal

The University of Free State (UFS) Application Portal 2025 is where you get the details about the UFS Online Admission Application Form 2025, Courses Offered, Prospectus pdf download, Booking Form, Registration Form Dates, Admission Entry Requirements, Admission Letter, Transcript, Admission Status, Contact Details, Location, Faculties, School Fees, Time-Table, Student Portal, Cut Off Point, Open Day, Application Fees & online application form closing date-deadline for the 2025 academic year publish on www.southafricaportal.com.

UFS Bursary Application Form

First-Year Student will only be given an application form for Financial Assistance upon providing the Financial Aid Office with a letter from the university indicating that the student has been either accepted or provisionally accepted for the 2025 academic year.

The value of the NSFAS award will only be credited to the student’s fee account in the third term once all bursaries have been awarded and paid into the student’s account. This is to ensure that the loans granted are as low as possible.

RECOMMENDED: Download CAO HandBook 2025 PDF

Students receiving NSFAS loans must complete an application form and a loan agreement before any payment will be made.

The allocation received from NSFAS is limited, and hence the Financial Aid Committee of the University of Free State (UFS), which gives financial aid awards, must ensure that as many students are supported as possible while at the same time taking into account financial need.

Students are therefore advised that registering based on receiving a full loan from NSFAS should not be considered and that a family contribution as determined by the Means Test may be required. It is also important to note that there are various kinds of funding made available each year through NSFAS.

National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) Bursary Applications 2025

Application forms and information for NSFAS can be obtained from the UFS Financial Aid office.

The application forms must be accompanied by all stated supporting documents, e.g., a certified ID copy of the student or applicant, certified ID copies of both parents, if one or both are deceased, a certified death certificate, an income statement or payslip of both parents if they are working, an affidavit stating they are not working, if they are getting a grant, a proof showing that, if the applicant has brothers and sisters, their certified ID or birth certificate copies, and if they are registered with other tertiary institutions, proof of that is also required. Original documents and copies must be taken to the nearest police station or local post office for stamping.

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Original documents are not accepted. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the application form is fully and correctly completed.

On submission of the NSFAS application form, the student will receive a receipt, which should be kept as proof of application; without it, it is your word against ours. Please present your slip to the Financial Aid/Bursary Office at all times.

All students can apply for a loan from the National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), a government loan scheme with the added incentive of a bursary conversion (maximum 40%) depending on academic performance. The parent’s or family’s contribution to the student’s study cost is called the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and is calculated using the government’s National Means Test.

  • Prospective Students who wish to study at the College through NSFAS Bursary must APPLY ONLINE at www.swgc.co.za OR http://www.nsfas.org.za/content/
  • Manual NSFAS applications will be facilitated, but students must apply directly to NSFAS online!
  • To learn more about bursaries, contact or visit Student Support Offices at the Campuses

Important information

  • Applicants applying online may not subsequently apply using a paper-based application.
  • Please note that receiving a student number (reference number) does not imply you are a registered student until you officially register.
  • Please note that you must come on campus to write the CAP Test. The test informs and educates students on a variety of career options. At the same time, it gauges the student’s interest in the different careers on offer.
  • Incomplete applications may result in a delay in the finalisation of your application.
  • Continuation with a programme depends on sufficient numbers being enrolled
  • Applicants must have a valid email address and mobile number to apply to the college. All communication with regard to your application will be sent via email or SMS.
  • Meeting the minimum admission requirements for a specific programme does not necessarily guarantee admission to that particular programme

How To Apply For UFS Bursaries And Loans

It is important for students to apply for bursaries, scholarships, and loans before the closing date. Students are advised to plan for their studies prior to registering at UFS. Once a student is registered with the university, it is advisable to always check his or her emails for information about bursaries that have been advertised.

Applying for a loan, bursary, or scholarship does not guarantee you will get it, as we deal with many students that exceed the available funds. Make sure you plan your finances well in advance. Late and incomplete application forms will not be considered. Students are urged to attach all the necessary documents as stated in the application form.

The University of Free State (UFS) has limited bursaries; please consult with the Financial Aid and Bursary Office for further assistance. If a student has a bursary from outside, he or she must ensure that he or she brings a copy of the letter to the financial aid or bursary office before registration.

Applicants are advised to send their applications directly to the organisation offering bursaries, not to the UFS/Financial Aid/Bursary Office. The postal addresses are listed in the booklet.

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For Full Details, visit the official website via: https://www.ufs.ac.za/

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