Zimbabwe Dependents Permit: Requirements and How to Apply Online

Zimbabwe Dependents Permit: Requirements and How to Apply Online… If you are a student coming to Zimbabwe with dependents, this classification referring to a wife, husband, or a child, you are required to apply for a dependent permit which is separate from the study permit.


To apply you will need to provide to the International Students Advisor:

  • Two photocopies of the biometric data page of the dependent’s passport and Identity Card (if they have one).
  • A letter written by the applicant or on the applicant’s behalf addressed to the Principal Immigration Director of Zimbabwe clearly expressing the desire to apply for the dependant permit and a request for consideration.
  • $300 dependent permit fee (Charged per dependent)

Student Support

The Vacation Relief program is one that is run by the Dean of Student Affairs under the supervision of the International Students Advisor. It is designed to give a safe, comfortable and secure place for those international students who for various reasons are not able to return to their homes for the vacation. While this program is available to all who need it, spaces are highly limited and is only meant for those in dire need and without any other options.

Countries excluded from participation in the program due to their close proximity to Zimbabwe are:

  1. Mozambique
  2. Zambia
  3. South Africa
  4. Lesotho
  5. Swaziland
  6. Malawi
  7. Namibia
  8. Botswana


Parents and guardians of international students are strongly encouraged to make the necessary arrangements to be able to cater for their children’s board and meals should they be remaining on campus for the vacation for whatever reason or to be able to bring their children home for the holidays.

Application Process

An advertisement is flighted a month before the end of the semester for applications. Students must complete an application form that can be collected from the ISA and attach to this a photocopy of their study permit. The application time is usually one week.

Vacation Relief Requirements

Each student is allocated a station where they must repot to each morning without fail to be assigned various tasks to perform in the line of hygiene and sanitation, grounds maintenance, basic office administration, farming or laboratory work for a period not exceeding five hours daily.

This service is delivered by the student for triple occupancy accommodation and meals (Breakfast, Lunch and dinner) amounting to $6 per day.

Rules and Regulations

Each student who has applied for VRP must:

  1. Report for work on time as set forth by the duty station manager
  2. Perform all duties diligently and in a manner that is respectful to their fellow students and the university displaying the character of leadership and discipline that is inherently within each student enrolled at the university.
  3. Sign in to their duty stations at the start of work and sign out at the end of work thus completing the day’s obligations.
  4. Advise their supervisor in good time to excuse themselves from the day’s duties should they have another engagement, failure to do so will result in an accumulation of days not worked for which the student must reimburse the university at the beginning of the semester.


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