Apply For Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) Positions of Professional Research Chairs

How to Apply For Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) Positions of Professional Research Chairs online.

SUA Positions of Professional Research Chairs


1. Background
The University Council at its 60th meeting of 31st of March 1999 approved the Operational Policy and Procedures on establishing Professorial Research Chairs (OPPePRC) at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). The establishment of Professorial Research Chairs (PRCs) was intended to enhance SUA’s visibility nationally and internationally through high quality higher education and outstanding research outputs that contribute significantly to knowledge in agriculture and allied sciences and or addressing priority national problems.

The University Council in its 151st meeting held on 27th June 2018 approved some amendments of the OPPePRCwhich are reflected in the revised OPPePRC document published in June 2018 by the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies, Research, Technology Transfer and Consultancy. The OPPePRC document provides the guidelines for the establishment of PRCs which fall into three categories namely individual scientist initiative, University initiative and donor initiative. In order to kick start the process, it has been decided to establish PRCs through University initiative in 3 strategic areas namely:

  1. Horticulture value chain;
  2. Dairy and beef value chains; and
  3. Watershed management for sustainable water and land use resources utilization.

Likewise, the University, on top of the 3 Chairs above is strategizing to have one Research Chair focusing on the country’s strategic crops. Proposals are also invited in this area. Those researchers who are already having research projects in this area of country’s strategic crops are highly encouraged to apply.

Each strategic area above is broad, offering research challenges and opportunities for scientists from different fields of specialization. Also the areas chosen are significant in relation to the implementation of Agricultural Sector Development Programme (ASDP II) and the national industrialization strategy. This implies that a chair holder is availed with an opportunity to put together and coordinate a team of scientists and postgraduate students that will enable him/her to achieve the milestones of the Chair. Being a University initiative, ‘seed money’ will be made available to start the 3 PRCs.

2. Terms of Reference
The PRC shall function under the following terms of reference:

  1. Managing resources availed to the Chair;
  2. Organizing a multidisciplinary group of researchers and postgraduate students to work on the Chair’s research agenda;
  3. Soliciting research funds through projects to support the Chair;
  4. Supervising MSc and PhD students and mentor young scientists;
  5. Producing technical and financial progress reports on Chair’s activities;
  6. Promoting publications (scholarly and of policy nature) by the Chair; and
  7. Organizing dissemination events of outputs from the Chair.

3. Eligibility
A candidate applying for any of the 3 positions of PRCs must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  1. Full or Associate Professor at SUA;
  2. A track record of attracting research funds;
  3. Active researcher with an outstanding publication record in internationally recognised journals;
  4. A significant contribution in the area he/she intends to lead;
  5. A strong research network;
  6. A track record in training at MSc and PhD levels and in mentoring young researchers; and
  7. Integrity and dignity in leadership.

4. Duration
The duration of a Chair is 5 years, renewable for an additional five years upon successful realization of Chair’s activities and if extension is justifiable.

5. Application
Interested candidates should send their applications to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) within 3 weeks from the date of posting the advertisement (27.9.2018) with the following information:

  1. The Professorial Research Chair the candidate is interested in;
  2. An up todate CV with enough details to provide the information being solicited under “eligibility”; and
  3. A concept note providing elements of the programme to be implemented under the Chair.

The concept note should include elements of a research project to be developed, composition of team and possible sources of additional funds.

The three best applicants per Chair will be short listed for recommendation to the appointing authority. The screening will be done through an interview. Candidates will be informed about the interview date, time and venue.

5. Additional information
The successful applicants will be relieved of their duties during the course of executing the new functions under a PRC but they will maintain their remunerations. Additional support (or substitution in case of end of contract) can be provided through the Chair’s resources subject to the terms and conditions specified by the University or donor.



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