All You Need to Know About Zimbabwe Visa before Applying


All You Need to Know About Zimbabwe Visa before Applying… Featured in this post i about Zimbabwe Visa, When to Apply, Requirements and Visa Denial/delay.


Here below are the full details of Zimbabwe Visa application.


When to Apply

  • If you are currently abroad, and do not yet have a valid Zimbabwean student visa, you generally apply for one at the Zimbabwean embassy or consulate with jurisdiction over your place of permanent residence.
  • You should apply for your student visa well in advance of the date you would like to depart for Africa University.
  • Remember that you are required to show proof of having been provisionally accepted by Africa University and paid the required service fees when you appear for your visa interview.
  • It is important for you to have your visa in time to arrive and begin registration and orientation activities for the first week of classes.
  • It takes two weeks to process Zimbabwean visa in embassy or consulates worldwide

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What to Bring

Be sure to bring the following with you to the visa appointment:

  1. Passport
  2. Required photo(s)
  3. Visa fee or proof of visa fee payment
  4. Africa University admission letter
  5. proof of financial support
  6. any other documents required by the embassy or consulate

Remember that if you plan to attend Africa University, you must present the visa officer with an Africa university’s admission letter issued by the Registrar. You cannot apply for a Zimbabwean visa using another school’s admission letter, and then try to attend Africa University as that is considered to be a fraudulent entry by the Zimbabwean Immigration authorities.

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Visa denial/delay

The vast majority of Africa University students will be successful in obtaining their student visas. Despite this, a small number of students may have their visa applications denied. Much more common than a visa denial is a visa delay. This is why it is so important to apply for your visa on time. The most common reasons for visa denial or delays are:

    • Closings or reduced hours at Zimbabwean visa issuing posts abroad due to security concerns
    • Closings or reduced hours at Zimbabwean visa issuing posts abroad due to political instability in the host country.
    • Student or scholar’s record does not appear in the Immigration system at the Zimbabwean embassy or consulate, even though the student or scholar presents an admission letter. If you are told that your record does not appear in the visa officer’s immigration system, immediately contact the Dean of Students or International Student Advisor at [email protected] and [email protected]and provide the date and location of your visa interview.

We will in turn contact the appropriate authority to have your immigration record re-submitted directly to the location where you have applied for your visa.


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